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News by cq-swat [14 January, 2001]
       Welcome to our new page. This page is English version of our official site (its on Russian). First, I want to say that I am (cq-swat) main newsmaker of this site. Is seems to me, my English is very poor and you can find many grammar mistakes here. I think our russian page isn't interesting for you, besides it is on recunstruction now. Some words about us: we all live in Russia (Moscow), we have a computer-club called CyberQuest (with 10Mbit internet) and we present this club in clanwars, we play only QW (our favourite servers are: bredband, orc [rus], quake.ru [rus]). If you want conntact us, please send mail to clanrst@chat.ru or ICQ: 56332005. And this page was created when we reggistered in Smackdown 2. So, this page special for non-russian clans in Smackdown 2. Thats all for today. Sorry for many mistakes. :-)

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